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Roof Restoration Rochester

We offer roof restoration to keep your roof clean and looking like new. It can also help prolong the life of your roof as it keeps all the parts in working order. If you have some rough-looking patches on your home roof, or if you feel your roof is in need of a tune up, give us a call to get a free estimate.

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Our roof restoration package includes:

  • Roof cleaning
  • Roofing maintenance
  • Ice removal
  • Ice damming

Roof restoration can be done on your roof on a regular basis to keep your roof in good order. Keeping your roof clean, free of ice, and small repairs in order will ensure that you catch any damage that could grow into something more, before it has the chance to do so. Roof restoration is a must if you want to keep your roof in good shape for a long time.

Roof Cleaning Learn More

Our roof restoration package includes a thorough cleaning of your roof. In addition we will do any small repairs that come up in the course of the roof cleaning process. This cleaning service completely restores your roof and gets it looking like new.

Another part of our roof cleaning is the removal of snow and ice from your roof. This is called ice damming. In our area in particular, the presence of snow and ice on your home roof can cause serious damage to it if left alone. Give us a call to find out more about getting your roof cleaned, or having ice damming done!

Roofing Maintenance

Roofing maintenance is a large part of keeping your roof damage-free. Call us today and our GAF-certified roofing contractor will come out and do a full inspection of your roof and recommend any maintenance that might be needed. The inspection is totally free! Keeping any small repairs done on a regular basis will help eliminate, or put off, the need for large roofing services later.

Things that might come up in our inspection are loose or broken shingles, exposed nails, etc. Taking care of these things as they come up is all part of roofing maintenance plan. Allowing exposed underlayment, loose nails, or torn shingles to remain can cause damage to your roof that results in untold problems later. Call us to learn more about our roofing maintenance plans./ Roof Stain Removal

Roof Tune-up Learn More

Many homeowners do not realize that a roof tune-up done regularly will keep their roof in shape, and save them big bucks. Any kind of natural disaster or savage weather conditions can wreak havoc on your roof, but many times it is not major damage, and can be fixed quickly. This is what we aim to tackle with our roof tune-up service.

We know other roofing companies out there will try to sell you a new roof every time they come out. Our roofers don’t do this. That’s why having a roof tune-up done on your home is essential. Our roofing company will work very hard to make sure your roof is in good shape and fix any foreseeable problems that might occur.

We apply the most standard procedures in our roof tuneup service and know you will be happy with the results. We offer 100% satisfaction. Contact us today to find out more!

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We provide roof restoration in Rochester, Pittsford, Victor, Mendon and all nearby cities.

  • Vicki C. | Rochester, NY
    5 Star Rating

    "Anthony has completed 2-repair projects for us. We are totally satisfied with his craftsmanship and his work ethic. We hope for no more roof leaks, but if they occur we will not hesitate to call Anthony."

  • Donald C. | Honeoye Falls, NY
    5 Star Rating

    "Very profession, friendly service. Fixed our leaking roof in one day as promised. Totally cleaned up all debris including all the little pieces. Would highly recommend him. Very satisfied."

  • Scott H. | Rochester, NY
    5 Star Rating

    "Other roofers wanted to replace our entire roof, but Anthony spotted the problem area and corrected it with minimal disruption, on time and on original estimate."

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