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Your roofing system isn't just the shingles or tiles you see on top. Because the ventilation, insulation and gutter systems all play crucial roles in how your rooftop functions, our inspections include thorough analysis of how yours are performing. We can recommend how to improve them to get better results and help your surface last longer. Call now for your free estimate!

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From the visible surface to the hidden components beneath, your roofing system functions as whole to protect your home from the elements and hold your heating and cooling in. When any one component fails, or is not up to par, it can create damaging effects for the rest of the rooftop. Our inspection evaluates the condition keeping the following things in mind: energy, moisture, materials and technology.

While just 6% of your energy loss escapes through windows and doors, your roofing system can allow up to 40% and sometimes more. To prevent this loss, the U.S. Department of Energy recommends homes in our region have at least 20” of insulation in their attic. Unfortunately, around 90% of homes fall below those standards. Without the ample supply of insulation, more of your heated air rises into the attic and can escape quickly.

If you aren't concerned about the large energy bill this could produce, consider the damage this could cause to your entire roofing system. When snow piles up on the surface of residential roofing, excess heat escaping from the attic can cause it to melt. When it reaches the cooler edges, it will again freeze causing ice dams. The heavy dams hold moisture against the rooftop and force it underneath your materials. The sheer weight can even cause your gutters to collapse.

Fortunately, we can get your roofing system back up to code. Installation is affordable, and when you see the savings on your monthly energy bill, you’ll know this service pays for itself before long.

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With all the water vapor that a family produces in a day, the moisture has to go somewhere. Evaporation causes the moisture to rise into your attic space. Without proper roof ventilation, it gets trapped inside. This can cause your insulation to deteriorate and mold growth to thrive.Baffle Design Roofing SystemsTo prevent this, we install technologically advanced roof ventilation. For the best balance, it operates on a 2:1 ratio with exhaust and intake to prevent failure. Installed at the eaves and ridge of your roofing system, this provides the best air flow possible.

The different materials that make up your roofing system must all be installed properly and operating well in order to get the maximum results possible. Using the best metal flashing, the recommended amount of insulation, venting with maximum air flow and properly installed residential roofing materials, you can enjoy the benefits of a roofing system that will last. Is yours where it needs to be? Call us and get a free estimate! One of our roofing contractors will do a full inspection and show you where things are good, and what might need to be improved.

During our inspections, we use highly advanced equipment to assess the primary areas of heat loss on your home. Through these test results, we can help you to choose the best materials for your residential roofing system in order to get the longest lasting system possible. We also used photographs to document areas of weakness from moisture, mold growth and other issues so all can be addressed during residential roofing repairs.

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Our process of analyzing a roofing system gives our clients the information they need to make an educated decision about their home. With our BCB rated and Energy Star approved techniques, you can feel confident with the choices you’ve made!

We will repair or replace your roofing system in Rochester, Pittsford, Victor, Mendon and nearby areas.

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    "Anthony has completed 2-repair projects for us. We are totally satisfied with his craftsmanship and his work ethic. We hope for no more roof leaks, but if they occur we will not hesitate to call Anthony."

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    "Very profession, friendly service. Fixed our leaking roof in one day as promised. Totally cleaned up all debris including all the little pieces. Would highly recommend him. Very satisfied."

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    "Other roofers wanted to replace our entire roof, but Anthony spotted the problem area and corrected it with minimal disruption, on time and on original estimate."

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